Oreoluwa Sonola
About Ore

Oreoluwa Sonola is a gifted administrator and teacher, who is passionate about transformations through learning. She currently uses her skill at MAIDforME Services, an online domestic staffing consultation and training firm she founded in 2017. At MAIDforME, she trains domestic staff to deliver their jobs efficiently and equips families with the knowledge and structure needed to have their homes functioning and running as they desire without constant micromanagement.

With over 10 years actively involved in the domestic staffing industry, Oreoluwa creates resources and courses backed up by years of research, that have helped thousands of families in 14+ countries, to master their domestic staffing and home management. She’s the creator of MAIDforME’s best selling resources; The Chore Schedule, Domestic Staff Interview Questionnaire, Standard Operating Procedure for Homes among many others.

She is passionate about informal learning and continues to develop her knowledge and skill in the area of learning and people development.

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