Starting an agency is the simple part. Doing it right requires work.

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Let's put you on track to becoming a sought-after agency of choice in your city and even globally.


Committed Staff, Excellent Administration, Satisfied Homes and Profitable Business. You can have it all.

Are you passionate about domestic staffing and thinking of starting your agency? OR - Do you already run an agency and need direction on how to be the preferred choice among families?

Who says you can’t be an Excellent, Preferred and Profitable domestic staffing agency all at once?

While many agencies settle for one at the expense of the other, you can decide to be the domestic staffing agency with – Knowledge; showing that you are the expert to be trusted and consulted,  Empathy; with every client and staff of your organization knowing that they matter, and Integrity; following due process no matter the cost.

Your staff and clients deserve an agency that operates with best practices and shows up in it’s best way possible every day it is open for business.

Where would you rather be found?

Doing the norm

  • High Turnover of Staff.
  • Incurred liabilities from incompetent staff.
  • Dissatisfied Families.
  • Spending your days quenching wild fires.
  • Negative Reviews.
  • Reduced Income and Struggling Business.

Operating with Excellence, Integrity and Empathy

  • Satisfied Clients and Thriving Families.
  • Retention of Staff, who also love working for your organization.
  • Free word of mouth marketing and recommendation by satisfied clients.
  • Increase in revenue and profitability.
  • Proactive Operations Strategy.

Nice "Packaging" and pictures

But, now that you are the talk of the town and families are attracted to your brand, they find out that you are not adequately equipped with a thorough and well thought-out internal process that guarantees that you can consistently source quality domestic staff for them. Your only strategy is hope and luck.

NO ONE wants to gamble with their home.

The average family wants to be able to face a good domestic staff’s transitioning without the fear of falling out of luck with the next one.

Only a pristine plan and commitment to excellence can make that happen.

That’s where MAIDforME comes in

We’ll help you perfect your operations across the MAIDforME’s six essential metrics of an excellent agency.

  1. RECRUITMENT: The MAIDforME tested six-step approach to finding and bringing the best domestic hands on board your organization.
  2. ON-BOARDING/VISIONING: Developing a process that ensures all domestic staff embody the values and vision of your organization.
  3. CLIENTELE: Attracting clientele who enjoy your services, joyfully pay what you charge and recommend your organization to everyone who needs to hear about you,
  4. MANAGEMENT: Because the work doesn’t stop at deploying staff to homes. Develop a process for conflict resolution, ongoing training, performance management and other internal processes.
  5. PROFITABILITY: Perfect your pricing and your books with the help of a financial expert and explore other service ideas and channels in-order to increase your revenue and profitability.
  6. POLICIES: Developing robust, well-rounded polices that prepares and protects your organization and staff for future unplanned or unpleasant circumstances.

But that's not all

You will also have access to

  1. Weekly group coaching calls.
  2. Accountability & Strategy group.
  3. Exclusive Resources.
  4. Discounted access to MAIDforME domestic staff training courses.
  5. Access to MAIDforME’s over 10,000 global family network spread across 16 countries and 4 continents.
  6. Quality employers on the continent who trust MAIDforME’s recommendations, and are waiting to work with your agency.
  7. Join a community of Pan-African agencies, sharing ideas and market intelligence and driving international recruitment among themselves.
  8. Replay of all sessions and access to training slides.

Why go through all this stress? It's just domestic staffing.

No it’s not.

It’s also about real people who genuinely need help with their home management, and turn to you in trust, to give them someone your organization can take responsibility for.

It’s about the individual who needs a job and believes that your agency can assess their personality, knowledge, skills and abilities, then go ahead to pair them with a family that matches what they have to offer.

It is about your contribution to the domestic staffing industry and growing to become a key player until you can influence polices for the good of the sector.


Sufficient documentation required to help you gather the information you need for excellent work.


Clear cut pathway to gaining trust & traction quickly. So, that you can achieve maximum results within a short period of time.


Doing the right thing is easier when you belong to a community where doing right is the norm.

Agencies have this to say

Madam Ore is great at what she does. She helped me see where I was getting things wrong, running my agency and pointed me the way forward in the right direction.
Manak Home Help, Ghana
We came across MAIDforME from a search on the internet and we loved what she was doing with domestic staffing in Nigeria. We booked a virtual session with her and she helped us see areas we needed to improve on in our hiring and management of staff, management of our clients too. She shared some of our resources with us which was very helpful.
Peace Home Maids, Egypt.

Let's help you build an agency you'll be proud of.

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