Having one and Sustaining it through changing seasons is FAR BETTER.


Fantasizing about a working home management system is GREAT. But...

I know. You've tried everything.

The many home management tips have you saved to your phone on social media. Post after post, trial after trial, nothing has worked. Now, you are left wondering if any thing is wrong with you.

Surpriseeeee! There’s nothing wrong. Your home is different from any other home in the world. I know it’s hard to believe, but consider the fact that there are no other human beings exactly like the people who make up your household, it means that there is a unique element to your home and family.

So, what has worked for Family A may not work for you and even if it works for a little time, may not be sustainable for your family.

That makes it important to me too.


Your home is important to you.

I’ll help you

  • Simplify your home management across the MAIDforME six metrices.

  • Define a structure/system that works for your unique family dynamic.

  • Articulate who your ideal domestic staff is, with a clear job requirement/qualification and job description.

That’s not all.

You will be able to

  • Adopt and deploy a management style that perfectly suits your personality and flows from you easily.

  • Map out a clear and personalized sourcing, hiring, management and retention of domestic staff plan.

Bonus: You get a detailed report of the session and a recording, so you can watch over and over again, plus one MAIDforME Resource.

Your employer training has been the most useful part for me. A major thing I have learnt from you is the skill to replace the perfect nanny even if she leaves. I have learnt to recognize. People need to learn this.


Lagos, Nigeria

You know how to bring out the very best in people. The investment wasn't a waste. I have learnt from you to be patient while trying to source my ideal staff.

Jumoke Adeniyi

Lagos, Nigeria

There are no perfect families. But there are STRUCTURED ones.

Still uncertain this is for you?


Have you recently...

  • relocated to a new city or country and your family is finding it hard to adjust to the new dynamic?

  • had a baby but your maternity leave is almost over and you are trying to weigh your options to arrive at a win-win arrangement?

  • lost a long time domestic staff and you feel frustrated and confused about how to find an ideal replacement who can get the ground running fast?

  • lost count of the number of domestic staff that have passed through your home. You finally want to get it right.

  • transitioned back into the career market and looking to delegate the running of our home into competent hands and also introduce a structure that enables your home thrive without your full involvement every time.


the running of your home just overwhelms you – what to eat, how to keep it clean, getting your children settled into a routine.

  1. 90 minutes virtual session;  consultation and strategy, focused on arriving at a solution that best suits your home and most importantly, one you are comfortable with.
  2. One MAIDforME resources to support your new found structure/home management style.
  3. Full access to the recorded session, so you can watch as many times as you need to.
  4. A detailed report and recommendation.
  5. 30 minutes follow up session via Whatsapp.

Hi, I'm your Expert

There's hardly anything I am more passionate about, than seeing families thrive because all six areas of the home run like a well oiled machine. I'll paint a picture. Think of Balanced family meals, Children on a routine they love, Parents doing things they love to do and not being held back from their dreams by the responsibility of home management. Exciting right? This is why I am committed to creating innovative solutions that sets families on a path of seamless home management and delivers to them the home of their dreams.

Got Questions?

A full consultation lasts for 90 minutes, and 30 additional minutes via WhatsApp/ Telegram chat.

All sessions are held virtually via your preferred available platform.

A session can be transferred to another individual on the condition that it is changed at least 96 hours (4 days) before the already booked session.

Postponement of booked sessions should be done at least 48 hours before the session.

Kindly send an email to info@maidformee.com for more information.