Enjoy support like you've never had, for an elevated Life-at-Home experience.

Now Life at Home community gives you unreserved access to the information, tools and resources to make this a reality.

You hear that home management isn't that hard, but your reality says otherwise.

You have not been able to action out any plan, even with all the home management resources you have bought.

You start out well with routines and schedules, but fall off the tracks because you find it difficult to maintain the momentum.

It’s never a good time to start out building your own structure at home because you are always busy.

Everyone at home pushes back on your structure.

You know what you want but feel stuck on implementation.

In this Community

  • Get unlimited access to exclusive training courses that teach you how to build and sustain a working structure at home, even if you are starting from nothing.
  • Leverage downloadable resources that help you get the work done 10x faster.


  • Enjoy exclusive access to monthly live catch-up sessions with the expert.
  • Enjoy being with people who understand your journey and provide cheer, support and feedback.
  • Take advantage of engagement and accountability that ensure you get your desired outcome.


  • Swim in a vast pool of Home Management training videos across all areas.
Life at Home
Life at Home

"But I am not even domesticated!"

Just like many other people you would get to interact with in this community. A working life at home, characterized by ease and held together by structure, is for everyone who desires it and goes for it. It doesn’t matter if you love getting your hands dirty or not.

I’ll show you what to do.

  • Uncover what your ideal life at home is and deploy a tested and trusted roadmap to making it a reality.
  • Learn how to create and maintain the systems that contribute to your home’s final structure.
  • Identify, manage and triumph over your overwhelm triggers.
  • Overcoming guilt and corrective steps to moving past costly home management mistakes.
  • The practicality of work-life balance; structuring a life at home that supports your life outside of home
  • How to make home management a collective family responsibility; grooming excellent home management champions.
  • How to engineer a domino effect of positive outcomes by learning to prioritize your home’s management needs.
  • How to make quality home-management decisions that hit the goal the first time.

"There is always something new to learn with you. I thank God for the day I found you."

Oghenero, Neroz Place

Who should join LHC?

LHC is for the Woman
  • Informed

    You have a little knowledge on what having a solid structure at home is and what it can do for you.

  • Interested

    You are ready to get to work on building your structure. You just need help to begin, direction to navigate and support to finalize a working structure for your home.

  • Involved

    You don't need a direct hand-holding. You can work with the tools, templates and training provided to create a working structure for your home.

Sabotaging thoughts


Access Plans


$375 / annum
  • Get clear on the kind of life at home you desire
  • Get training and tools to get you started on building.
  • Get the support you need to overcome challenges along the way.
  • BONUS: Get domestic staffing resources
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Pay for 12 months, get 15 months access. Available till November 15th


$99 / Quarter
  • Get clear on the kind of life at home you desire
  • Get training and tools to get you started on building.
  • Get the support you need to overcome challenges along the way.
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Pay for 3 months, Get 4 months access. Available till November 15th

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