Oreoluwa Sonola

Turn the pity party around.

There’s so much that can happen when you speak to the right person about a problem. With others, it ends as banter or pity parties.

With an expert, you’ll be leaving with a lasting solution.

Being in right conversation isn’t just talk or sob stories, it helps you clarify your thoughts, correct your mistakes and give you a definite roadmap to achieve your desired outcome quickly.

I can tell you want that.

Choose what one-off offer works best for you.



In our Clarity session...


1-on-1 session for 90 minutes

Get answers to pressing questions relating to your home’s management.

Understand your unique family dynamic and learn how to build a custom structure that works for everyone in the home.

Fall in love with your home’s management and master your domestic staffing(if needed).

Get short, easy workable solutions.

Get supported with resources you need.

In our 1:1 deep-dive session


Private session for 3 hours.

Excavate ingrained subconscious habits sabotaging you.

Clear the clutter to isolate your exact pain points.

Blast the mountain which simply means Simplify the problem. (I’m a genius at this.)

Clarify all your options going forward.

Analyze specific solutions that work best for your unique situation.

Provide a clear roadmap on how to correct past errors and build back stronger.

Recommend and support with resources.

Uche Onyekwelu

Talking with you always brings me clarity. You always help me see from a different but needed perspective. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you.

Jumoke Adeniyi

You have really helped me and practically held me by the hand, never got tired till I got it right in my domestic staffing. You helped me develop a vision of the kind of household staff I wanted and urged me on till I hit it. I wish the whole world gets to experience you. Thank you so much.

Judith Warmate

You are my Household Management Coach. You hold me by the hand to help me achieve my home management goals. You validate the things I desire to achieve in my home and make me see it isn’t too “much”. You also help fine-tune the things I have already put in place. Thank you.

If your conversation style is truth in love, direct messaging without gibberish, simplicity of language, easy actionable solutions and unforgettable mantras that you can live by, then I’m your girl. Let’s talk.

Oreoluwa Sonola