Chore Schedule + Self Appraisal tool + KPI + Job Description




Our chore schedule/routine is our best selling resource and a detailed representation of all the chores to be done in your home. One of its unique characteristics is that it gives at first glance, an immediate view into the scope of work that is to be covered. The chores are not just fixed into the blank spaces, they are strategically arranged in such a manner that maximizes when your domestic staff is most energized, so as to curb unnecessary fatigue and ensure that everything that needs to be done in the day is done. No day is overly packed with major chores.
It helps your domestic staff form a routine immediately she resumes, doing everything you will require her to do without you having to talk consistently. As she is able to form a routine, she can now begin to innovate and use her discretion. Another advantage is that as your domestic staff is able to complete her chores each day, it gives her a sense of accomplishment.
The chore completion tracker serves as an accountability and appraisal tool to ensure each day’s task is completed especially without micromanagement or constant correction. It should be ticked at the end of each day if tasks are completed and left blank if not.