Hey, Superwoman.

Everyone defers to you when it comes to managing your home. It is just expected that you automatically have what it takes to get and keep things running smoothly.

You love it, because this is one of the areas you can absolutely be in charge, but it is taking more time and energy from you than you are able to invest.

You constantly feel like there’s always something to be taken care of around the home, leaving you NO time to rest, do the things you love or have a life outside of the four walls of your home.

You love your home so much, yet cannot understand why taking care of it would demand so much from you. It’s a feeling you hate to admit, because you feel awful for even feeling it in the first place.

Your domestic staff turnover is at an all-time high because no one has been able to deliver the quality of output you desire. You end up doing things yourself.

“Maybe the problem is me” is a statement you have found yourself making more times than you should.

There’s a stark difference between the home you see in your mind’s eye and the home you get to experience day-in, day-out.

Every tip you have been given seems to work only for a few days or weeks and it is abandoned again.

These days, you see yourself willing to trade-off home management for the slightest interruption – any excuse to be out of the environment that is keen on frustrating you.

Now, you are finally ready for a solution that guarantees you more time in your hands, results for your efforts and joy in your home.

Oreoluwa Sonola

Time to get Structured

The Structured Woman is an 8-weeks online coaching program for busy women who are ready to scale up their home management to completely eliminate micromanagement, deliver excellent outputs consistently and run seamlessly even in their absence.

This is for you who has had ENOUGH and is ready to reject a life-at-home characterized by stress and overwhelm. You’ll learn how to engineer your home environment to bring you joy and help you get the results that you desire and deserve at home.

Make the Transition to STRUCTURED WOMAN


Structured Woman

Anticipate your time in the Program.

Get Coaching

Learn, discover and explore the key components of a structure that works. Understand and apply tested principles that help you kill inefficiency and eliminate waste of time and resources, then get hold of specific systems that get you outstanding results at home even with your very busy life.

Get Support

Feedback, accountability and access. Rub minds and get expert contributions from your coach. Get connected to other women (if interested) who are on the same journey of perfecting their structured home management as you.

Get Resources

Manuals, Templates, Checklists, Toolkits and Workbooks that guide you into implementation of everything you have learned during training. Also have access to high impact webinars and value-filled newsletters and that ensure that managing your home will never feel like an impossible task.


Get Creative

Confidently begin to ideate and create structure around the systems that make your home run. Develop contingency plans and methods to sustain and preserve the structure you have created. 

Something changed for them...

Olaronke Apanpa

Your resources are so awesome. I started listening to the audios you sent me and the ideas started flowing. I was able to have constructive conversations for once. I felt in charge. Let’s just say it’s the beginning of a new dawn and I’m so elated about the transformation that is about to begin in my home. The feeling I am getting as a more organized person is out of this world. I feel like someone who isn’t gambling but actually knows what to do.

Olajumoke Adeniyi

I learnt so much just by watching how you work. It felt like an internship every time. You also know how to bring out the best in people. You practically held me by the hand on my delegation journey. My investment in your resources isn’t a waste. God bless you tremendously.

Gayle Uka

You were an answer to my prayer. Each day I came home, I saw the need to have that structure in place, so that everyone knows what they need to do. You helped me and I am grateful for everything you did. Thank you

The detailed curriculum makes it nearly impossible for your home management not to experience the same transformation.

Your 8 weeks Journey ...


Gain Clarity, Get back your Confidence.

Research has proven that your home and the family is one of the fastest evolving institutions that exists on earth.

Now, you know why you haven’t been able to keep up when you try to give 100% . Before you are done mastering one phase, another springs up.

Managing the home is already hard and demanding, but doing it without knowledge makes it 10x harder. It takes you to the wrong destination quickly; where you’ll be constantly in a place of overwhelm and stress.

I know you are worn out from experimenting. That is why I want us to work together.

I have a tested and trusted pathway to get you to a place of clarity & confidence in your home management. You will know exactly what to do to get your home functioning and running like it should, and wouldn’t be fazed even in the face of fast evolution.

It’s time to work with someone who has a good track record and who you can trust really looks out for you. 

"Your work is honestly so excellent. I waited to see what it was about and I was not disappointed at all. You are so good at what you do."

Amaka Odunowo, Deliberate Christian Parenting Coach

TSW program is for

  • The working woman (career/business) who is easily overwhelmed from managing the home and is in a constant tired state.
  • The woman struggling to keep up with her home’s management and is yet to grasp the concept of intentional and effective home management.
  • The working woman who finds it difficult or is scared to delegate your home’s management even when it is obvious you are due to.
  • You who has a bitter history with delegation or hiring of a domestic staff and has had a high turn-over of staff in a short while.
  • The woman whose home management constantly gets in the way of her career/business and is now missing out on opportunities.
  • A family who just relocated to a new country/city and needs to settle your family into a working structure quickly.

This program is not for those

  • Looking to resolve conflict on who is to handle what within your home.
  • Looking for recommendation on where to get domestic staff.
  • Looking to sign up for extensive childcare and parenting training.
  • Who are not interested in being informed about or involved in your home’s management at all, and want to delegate it all.
  • Looking to earn a home management certificate or diploma.
  • Looking to train their domestic staff on home management.

"Why don't you enrol every one who wants to be enrolled?"

It is important that I am clear to you about who should enrol for this program because I want you to be confident that you were well thought about, your pain points are deeply understood and the struggles and challenges you have experienced so far are seen. The Structured Woman has been carefully developed and equipped to deliver to you the outcome that you expect – a home environment that supports your dreams and goals within it’s four walls and outside of it.

I’ll absolutely leave money on the table if it means not delivering these to you.

TSW's Winning Combo

  1. 6 hours one-on-one session (you get to choose how you want it distributed across 8 weeks)

  2. Training Videos

  3. Templates, Playbooks and Resources

  4. Life-time access to videos

  5. Exclusive recommendations

  6. Community groups (if this interests you)

Application helps us and you assess if you are right for the program. Doing that ensures that you are not investing your time and money into a solution that isn’t best for your specific home management challenge.


Absolutely. I have over a decade long experience managing homes, I have been a consistent voice in the home management space last five plus years via MAIDforME, and I have served and continue to serve thousands of families via this same platform with evident results to show for it. If you need a trusted and relatable voice in Household Management, then I should be your first choice.

Your application will be assessed and an acceptance email sent to you within 1-3 working days. After which a 15 minutes warm up call will be scheduled, and payment link sent. You will be also be directed to make payment with a limited time frame. Once payment is successful, a mail will be sent to you containing the program start date and onboarding.

Every offering included in this program is online. Training videos are hosted online, resources are downloadable, and live-meetings are virtual.

100% yes. The Structured Woman Program is currently the only program where you get my full attention in your home’s management. I would work hand-in-hand with you in developing a structure you’re proud of and happy with.

Yes. For no other reason than – globally, women are recognized as the major custodians and executors of home management. 


I'm so delighted about the time we'll spend together, gaining clarity and confidence and winning over burnout in your home's management.