Our Training Courses are exactly what your domestic staff  needs to improve the quality of her work and behaviour in your home.

Quick Outcomes, Lasting Results.

Families who have enrolled their staff, swear by the immediate transformation that occurs during and after learning. Our wholesome training methods ensure that both personal and professional development get equal attention.

The results? domestic staff that are eager to execute and build on everything they have learned and employers finally are able to have the home of their dreams.

Kitchen Management

Determine which course is right for your domestic staff.

Personal Development

We focus on the person who is to do the work. A reconditioning of negative mindsets, self worth and identity. We train them to be good people so they have the capacity to do great things on the job. EXPLORE COURSES

Professional Development

We equip domestic staff with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to churn out excellent outcomes, and also be able to reproduce it over and over again without supervision or micromanagement. EXPLORE COURSES

The change was immediate. After listening to your lesson on self respect, my domestic staff came down the next day properly dressed. Something I had been complaining about for a long time. Thank you!



I am a new domestic staff and was finding it hard to cope. Your re-orientation class helped me solve difficult problems and I now understand my work better.

Andrea Contenti


It was so good! Every staff I hire has to go through your training. It has become part of my training for my home.



Get all registration and enrollment details HERE. Equip your domestic staff to 10x her productivity.

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