Create a life you love at home, with lesser effort than you think is required!

Hello, I'm your Household Management Expert.

I’ll show you how to easily navigate the most challenging aspects of managing your home, so that you can throw your best weight behind these strategies and finally have this space you love, feeling, looking and operating like it should, but this time without the characteristic stress involved.

Ways I can get involved in your Home's Management


A one-of-it’s kind, curriculum-based coaching program where you are taken through a tested roadmap designed to transform you from the overworked, acutely stressed and do-it-all superwoman, into an organized, joyful and purposeful structured woman, who brings her best self into her home’s management and is able to transform it from basic to excellent.

In 8-weeks, you will be coached into a better, efficient, more innovative and less demanding home management structure that supports your well-deserved life within its four walls and outside of it.

Ditch the overwhelm for good and embrace your transformation into a Visionary Home Manager who can demystify and master the art of excellent home management, confidently interpret her home’s needs per season, and can independently structure solutions to meet those needs without a pinch of overwhelm in the picture .


Oreoluwa Sonola


Life could throw the unexpected your way. If that happens, you’d want ready-to-buy and ready-to-use resources that can get you out quickly and deliver your desired results in a short space of time. This is what you’ll find here. With just one click, get well-thought out resources, that were created to target specific household management needs and make you look like a genius to others who may be watching, expecting a negative outcome. Resources range from interview questionnaires, to chores management, meal planning, childcare routines, standard operating procedures and so on.


"You changed the game for me Ore, now I can produce the same amazing results in my home over and over again."

Tosin Odejobi, Lagos Nigeria


Three isn’t a crowd here.  Inside Life at Home Community (LHC), you get exclusive and access to ever increasing training covering the A to Z of home management (pre-recorded and live), tools and templates that put you on the path of success in your home management.

But that’s not all. Home Management can feel 10x  harder when you think you are alone in it. In LHC, you are connected to other women and families who are on their journeys to experiencing joy in their home management, supporting and cheering one another while at it and sharing valuable information to make doing the work a walk in the park.


Oreoluwa Sonola

Let's Talk

With an expert, a problem shared, is a problem solved. Whether you are in need of clarity or a deep-dive into your home management, my consultation sessions will leave you with excellent understanding of the problem, simple, workable solutions and a clear pathway to your desired outcome at home. See more about these sessions below.

“Your work is honestly excellent. I look like a superstar to my extended family and friends when they come to my house and my domestics is on point -schedules and all. I can only Thank you for that. you are very good and thorough at what you do.”

Toyin Kunle – Salami

I surprised myself. I didn’t think anything was wrong with my style until I discovered your resources. When I got your questionnaires, I started to ask the right questions and it’s amazing what I discovered. Before that, all the questions I ask only got me dead-end responses, making it impossible for me to probe further. Thank you so much.

Omowonuola, Abuja, Nigeria


Some of your frequently asked questions

The Structured Woman is a one-on-one coaching service while Life at Home community is a subscription based community that is open for enrolment for a period of time and runs on a quarterly / yearly subscription calendar. For personalized group trainings, you can book me HERE

Except announced otherwise, all programs are run virtually via trusted online platforms. You’re already so busy, we don’t want to add commute time to your calendar.

If you need a quick structure intervention in your home, get any of our ready-made resources. If you need a total overhaul of your home’s structure because what you have now just doesn’t work, hop on The Structured woman program, If you need to do your home management with a community of other women like you, learning through webinars, exchange of information, access to directories etc get into the Life at Home community.

Absolutely. I am a teacher at my core. Click Here to book me to speak or train at your event.

It’s so obvious why you would think so. But the answer is No. MAIDforME’s services do not cover recruitment of domestic staff. See what domestic staffing services we cover HERE. If you are keen on recruitment, the LHC community, offers exclusive access to a directory of agencies that come in recommended. Join HERE.

That’s pretty easy. Do so HERE or shoot me an email on