Everything you need to uncomplicate your Life at Home.


MAIDforME ensures that well managed homes are accessible to all and enjoyed by everyone who desires it.

We equip families, especially women, who are currently the major stakeholders in home management globally – with tools, resources and training, needed to make quality decisions in all aspects of running the home, resulting in an improved quality of the day-to-day operations of the home, and the quality of lives they get to live as individuals.

Our Family Home Management Survey helps us understand how families have come to interpret the concept of home management, the level of preparation they had going into it, their expectations from it and their current home management reality.

Take the MAIDforME Family Home Management Survey anonymously & Get our FREE Home Management Family responsibility guide.

This resource refreshes your home management mindset, language, actions and disposition in 10 different ways.

A poorly managed home is a societal emergency.

The society inevitably becomes a reflection of the daily home management decisions we make- healthy eating decisions resulting in a healthy society, routines yielding disciplined individuals, responsibilities yielding mindful and contributing members of the society.


Bolatito Idakula

Emotional Well-being Coach

When I saw my toddler routine and chore schedule, I was amazed at the detail. I would never have thought to include the things that you included. Even if I tried to create one for myself, it could NEVER have been amazing as the one I received. Thank you.

360° self-paced training, for your domestic staff right in the comfort of your home.

Improve their Professionalism, Influence their Personality.

Home Management is for EVERYONE


You'll be armed with the strategies you need to get the whole family on board and interested in your home's management.

A personal journey to Visionary Home Management

In five years, I have successfully helped thousands of busy women around the world delegate better, just by strengthening the systems in their homes using tested and trusted home management structures.

But first it started with me.

I loved doing chores all my life and nurturing my home was my happy place, until my life and home evolved and responsibilities started piling up. A new family, two toddlers, new country and new business after, it was difficult to keep up. Even though I loved my home, it’s management became overwhelming. I could see that there was a stark difference between the home I envisaged in my mind and what my reality was.

And that is how my journey to embracing a structured life began. With structure, the responsibilities hardly reduced but the stress and overwhelm that accompanied them was gone. Best part, structure restored my joy and love for managing my home. I was done with that overwhelm life for good and have not looked back since then.

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