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MAIDforME strengthens the family institution by preparing and equipping individuals and families for home management.

We are able to accomplish this through the creation of simple home management tools and resources, high impact coaching and training programs and healthy communities that make excellent home management accessible to all and achievable by all.

With thousands of families directly impacted in 17 countries and 4 continents so far, MAIDforME continues grow its reach, impact and influence.


Professional Profile

Leading busy women into living a life of JOY and FULFILLMENT in the behind-the-scenes of their lives is what Oreoluwa Sonola is skilled at and trained to do. She achieves these through her high-impact coaching, mentoring and training programs.

As a Household Management expert, she ensures that excellent home management is accessible and attainable by all who desire it, regardless of their natural make-up or propensities.

In 2017, she founded MAIDforME, a platform that has afforded her the opportunity to work with high-achieving women and families around the world, helping them to adopt home management strategies and structures that allow their homes thrive without constant monitoring and micromanagement.

She applies her expertise in process management, leveraging her qualification as a Certified Green Belt in Lean six sigma,  to improve the day-to-day operations of homes, making running it more efficient and eliminating muda – such as waste of time and resources. 

She has created over 15 home management resources targeted at proper delegation, chores management and process management within the home.

She holds a Bachelors in Biochemistry and also certificates in people management and development.

She is the author of Called to Serve -a 31-day devotional for domestic workers, who serve homes and families.

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Hi, I'm Ore.

Here my top five picks of things I have learnt on my home management journey especially being led and served by structure.

  • Everyone in the home thrives when there is structure, even though in the beginning of adopting it, it may seem hard to uphold.
  • First you serve structure, but just for a little while. After that, it serves you. And it is a very good servant.
  • No one can run from home management; male or female. We have to face it because succeeding in it, supports our lives outside of home. Each of us gets to define what management means to us and how we want to actualize it.
  • A domestic staff is not a guarantee of a better managed home. Not everyone who has a domestic staff is stress-free. Not everyone without a domestic staff is overwhelmed.
  • It is possible to delegate chores and not delegate home management. But if you are able to successfully delegate your home’s management, you won’t be worried about chores. Ever again.

Of course, there are many other lessons I have learnt along the way. But they couldn’t possible contain here if I tried. I share them and more via my weekly emails. If you’d love to receive them, click the button below.

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