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Create resources that positively influence and shape the family life management culture of African families; with a focus on domestic staffing.

MAIDforME is Africa’s first and largest Home Management Library, housing resources and documentation that are geared towards consistently improving Life at Home for families in Africa and around the world.

Our resources equip and empower families and their support systems for excellent home management and provides a level playing field for everyone who desires a certain kind of management experience at home.

It is a fact that families are strengthened, structured and safe through consistent quality decision-making. MAIDforME’s resources ensure quality decisions are made daily without too much thought and effort going into the process.

Through our training programs and healthy communities, families have the information and support they need to build households they desire.

With thousands of families directly impacted in 17 countries and 4 continents so far, MAIDforME continues to grow its reach, impact and influence.