Simplified, Decentralized and Automated Home Management.


MAIDforME ensures families and their support systems have are empowered for excellent home management.

Through our widely-used tools and resources, high impact coaching, training programs and healthy communities, families now have what it takes to build a strong, effective, working system at home.

Our Family Home Management Survey helps us understand how families have come to interpret the concept of home management, the level of preparation they had going into it, their expectations from it and their current home management reality.

Take the MAIDforME Family Home Management Survey anonymously & Get our FREE Home Management Family responsibility guide.

This resource refreshes your home management mindset, language, actions and disposition in 10 different ways.

We believe that strong households are the core building blocks of a thriving society.

“Family is the most powerful, the most humane and, by far, the most economical system known for
building competence and character.” United Nations IFFD

The society inevitably becomes a reflection of the daily home management decisions we make- healthy eating decisions resulting in a healthy society, routines yielding disciplined individuals, responsibilities yielding mindful and contributing members of the society. 


Bolatito Idakula

Emotional Well-being Coach

When I saw my toddler routine and chore schedule, I was amazed at the detail. I would never have thought to include the things that you included. Even if I tried to create one for myself, it could NEVER have been amazing as the one I received. Thank you.

360° self-paced training, for your domestic staff right in the comfort of your home.

Improve their Professionalism, Influence their Personality.

Home Management is for EVERYONE!


Enjoy support like you've never had, for an elevated Life-at-Home experience.

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