You can have a Life at Home that you absolutely love.

Anchored by a master structure that drives out the stress and overwhelm.

Let’s turn that into reality!

Bolatito Idakula

Emotional Well-being Coach

When I saw my toddler routine and chore schedule, I was amazed at the detail. I would never have thought to include the things that you included. Even if I tried to create one for myself, it could NEVER have been amazing as the one I received. Thank you.


But you already know this.

That’s why there’s always something or someone calling for your attention around your home. So, unless there’s some structure around the management of your home, every minute of your free time will be spent nurturing one need or the other. That doesn’t sound good. Because, even though you love your home, being held to ransom by it’s daily demands isn’t a life you want to live.

What if I delegate?

Valid question. Delegation will happen. But in order to delegate properly, you must first understand the needs of your home clearly. When this happens, you are able to structure how to meet those needs and then communicate what you know and hand over what you have done, without ambiguity to the one you are delegating to.


Your ongoing five-year morning routine that ensures you are out of the house in exactly 30 minutes after your wake-up alarm rings. Your favorite secret recipe method of preparing Jollof rice, passed on to you from your grandmother that ensures it ALWAYS tastes the same every time it is prepared. Your Saturday family-time ritual that every member of the family looks forward to, consisting of different fun activities.

So, while you’re wondering what structure is all about, you’re already right in the middle of it. It’s working out just fine for you, giving you the exact results you desire in those areas.

Imagine a life at home where every system was as predictable and smooth-sailing as your morning routine, and the outcome of every task was as foreseeable and consistent as your special Jollof rice? BLISS.

It will get a little more detailed for other areas in your home management, but that’s why you have me.

The structured woman


The Smart Home Manager's Checklist

INSIDE: Four simple metrics that help you review/test the functionality and longevity of your home’s structure.

"I'll help you close the gap between your home management dreams and the manifestation of it."

Oreoluwa Sonola

My Real-Life Structure Story

In five years, I have successfully helped thousands of busy women around the world delegate better, just by strengthening the systems in their homes using tested and trusted home management structures.

But first it started with me.

I loved doing chores all my life and nurturing my home was my happy place, until my life and home evolved and responsibilities started piling up. A new family, two toddlers, new country and new business after, it was difficult to keep up. Even though I loved my home, it’s management became overwhelming. I could see that there was a stark difference between the home I envisaged in my mind and what my reality was.

And that is how my journey to embracing a structured life began. With structure, the responsibilities hardly reduced but the stress and overwhelm that accompanied them was gone. Best part, structure restored my joy and love for managing my home. I was done with that overwhelm life for good and have not looked back since then.

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