Mission Statement

We will create and deploy world-class training and resources to both employers and domestic staff and ensure each side is equipped with knowledge and structure needed to make domestic staffing seamless and stress-free for all parties involved.

Our clients have gotten their staffing turnover down by 90%. You can too.

Our Services

  • Domestic staff hiring and management resources
  • 4- tier Domestic staff training and elective courses.
  • Employer/Home owner training
  • Agency Start -up consultation
  • Personal Home staffing consultation

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Oreoluwa Sonola


About Instructor

Oreoluwa Sonola is a skilled administrator and teacher, who is passionate about transformations through learning. She currently deploys her skill at MAIDforME Services, an online domestic staffing consultation and training service firm she founded in 2017. At MAIDforME, she trains domestic staff to deliver their jobs efficiently and equips families with the knowledge and structure needed to have their homes functioning and running as they desire, without constant micromanagement.

MAIDforME’s resources and training have helped thousands of families in 14+ countries and  to master their domestic staffing and home management. She’s the creator of MAIDforME’s bestselling resources; The Chore Schedule, Domestic Staff Interview Questionnaire, Standard Operating Procedure for Homes among many others.




Families have this to say...



“I just onboard my staff with your SOP, food time table and schedule. It has been such a breeze. We have very little issues that have been easily corrected. I also use your questionnaire to assess staff. Finding you has really been a God-send.”

Fola O.

Lagos, Nigeria.

“Your schedule gives our helper more structure and guidance to be able to know what is expected of her as well as monitor her performance. I am so happy with the outcome.”



“The major thing I learnt from you is the skill to replace the perfect nanny even if she leaves. As much as I and my kids love our nanny, if she has to go, I know I can find another one of her kind because I have learned to recognize.”


Lagos, Nigeria.

“My domestic staff changed the very next day over after listening to your training. This is over something I had been correcting her over a period of time and got no results. After she took your re-orientation class, she came down the next day looking very decently dressed and groomed. Thank you.”

Bunmi G.

Lagos, Nigeria.

“Your chore schedule is already working with so much being achieved around the house every day. I have been able to totally eliminate idleness. No more dancing around one spot doing nothing.”


Lagos, Nigeria.

“I am a new domestic staff and was looking for someone to handhold me and teach me what to expect and how to go about my job. Your training did just that. Now I know what to do when I resume any job.”

Andrea Contenti.


“I stumbled on your page and everything changed for me. You helped me plan ahead, you gave me insights on schedules for daily chores and helped me identify the right agency for me. I had doubts ever hiring a good domestic staff after all the issues I have had in the past. But you my domestic staffing experience for good.”


Lagos, Nigeria.

“Ore is so passionate about domestic staffing. Thank you for the great work you did help me to interview and select the right domestic staff for my home.”


Abuja, Nigeria.

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