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Commit your Domestic Staff to
31 days of transformation with me.

Modified behaviors are great, but a transformed mind can do much more

Why a devotional?

Bite-sized learning

Daily action tasks

Real-life examples

Self paced

About Called to Serve

There is surprisingly a large number of very familiar people who served as domestic staff at some point in their lives. Through their stories and experiences, our domestic staff can learn that their role is not a sentence to condemnation but a phase for preparation. It is not just about doing chores, it’s about service.

Some of our favourite heroes of faith passed through the domestic staffing phase: Joseph, Rhoda, Daniel and His friends, Obadiah, and a few others. Then Jesus, as the ultimate servant.

So, while domestic workers may feel hidden, forgotten and under-appreciated, God knows exactly where they are, and is orchestrating a personal experience for them.

As domestic staff read this book daily for the next 31 days, there’ll be a clear transformation in their thinking, world view and the way they carry out their jobs.

CALLED to SERVE would also make a great gift to other domestic staff who do not serve your home.

"It only makes sense that the ONLY One who sees the whole heart, is put in charge of transforming it."

Table of Contents (Sneak Peek)

Day 1 –  Faithfulness in ALL things.

Day 2 – God is My Rewarder.

Day 3 – You Can Say NO.

Day 4 – The Lord is with Me.

Day 5 – Let Him Show.

Day 6 – More Work.

Day 7 – Ask Him.

Day 8 – No Condemnation in Christ.

Day 9 – Skilful Hands, Upright Heart.

Day 10 – Even When it is Hard.


Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Dispatch of this devotional begins on the 29th of October 2021. You should have your copy by the following week.

After your purchase is successful, you will be redirected to a “Thank you” page. As long as all your contact information details were entered in correctly. all you need to do is expect delivery of your order. Also, see a THANK YOU note from me HERE

If you are buying a copy for someone in Nigeria while you live outside of Nigeria, please fill in the delivery address in Nigeria not your address abroad. If you want this devotional delivered to you outside the country, it will be available for purchase on amazon very soon.

Yes you can. Please send an email to for large orders.

Biblical truths and teachings are applicable to everyone. However, for the purpose of this devotional, all teachings and examples are woven around domestic staffing, so that domestic workers using it can see themselves in their roles, through God’s eyes.

If track-records serve as a basis for predictability, these testimonials of our existing services, should convince you on why CALLED to SERVE devotional is a MUST-BUY.

"My domestic staff came out of her onboarding session with you, with spring in her steps."
Judith Warmate
"I am a new domestic staff and it was so difficult to start working without experience, I searched for tips to help me become a better maid and your resources gave me the results I needed."
Andrea Contenti
"Your work is excellent. You have made me look like a superstar to my extended family when they come to my home and my domestics is on point; schedules and all. you are very good and thorough at what you do."
Toyin -KS
"Your training for domestic staff is so good. I would like any staff I have to take the training and I want it to be a part of my training process for staff."

“Then it will be as though I sprinkled water on you, for you will be clean. And I will give you a new heart. I will give you new and right desires and put a new Spirit within you. I will take away your stony hearts of sin and give you new hearts of love.”

Please note that final pricing is dependent on delivery costs to your location.

About the Author

Oreoluwa Sonola is a household management expert. For over a decade, she has worked with families in different capacities, serving them first-hand, creating home management resources for them and training and coaching on excellent home management. She has trained hundreds of domestic staff through her personality and professional development training courses and she continues to serve domestic workers and the domestic staffing profession across Africa and other parts of the world. When she isn't creating solutions, Oreoluwa enjoys spending time with her family as Wife and Mum.