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A 4 weeks immersive experience into family life and it's management

Get your domestic staff equipped with essential skills, knowledge and values needed to work within your family unit and excel in their role.

You never recover from a good start.

Our tailored domestic staff onboarding program ensures a seamless transition for your new domestic staff. You can look forward to clear communication, an in-depth understanding, and perfect alignment with your household’s expectations and culture


into Family life institution and culture. We’ll help them understand the importance of the family unit and the role the family institution plays in shaping the society 


on their roles and responsibilities in the day to day management of family life. We’ll explore the whys and hows of their job and how it fits into the big picture of your family unit.


with household dynamics using MAIDforME’s L.L.I.T framework. With this framework, we will touch on every area of household dynamics, from background to culture, values and beliefs, systems and processes.


on skill enhancement and how to achieve long-term growth and development in their roles.

Investing in onboarding is investing in the wellbeing of your home

Our Guarantee

Even though domestic roles can get repetitive and monotonous, we’ll have your domestic staff looking forward to doing their job and excelling in their role.

Without Onboarding

  • Frustration and disruption to routines.
  • Escalation of misunderstanding.
  • Misalignment in expectations.
  • Inefficiencies due to lack of clarity.
  • Stress and tension within the home.

With Onboarding

  • Smooth integration and immersion of staff into existing routine.
  • Strong and better relationships.
  • Alignment in in employers expectations and staff’s execution.
  • Open communication fostering clarity.
  • Long-term success and harmony within the household.