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Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. 
It is common knowledge in our society that when you want to hire a maid, your intuition has to go a notch higher and your investigative prowess, a hundred percent. Nothing can be left to chance. The stories of maids who have caused untold harm cannot be overlooked, and if not that many are left with no choice, they will never hire a maid.
I am of the opinion that getting help is important especially when it becomes apparent that you can’t handle housekeeping on your own. However, one thing to keep in mind is that most people who are maids do not come from privileged backgrounds. They didn’t have the luxury of hearing the right language, picking the right habits or developing generally good character. The only skill that they possess which they feel is marketable is housekeeping and that is why they ended up in your house.
So what do we do when we are faced with the reality of having these maids in our homes. We see them in their unrefined form and sometimes we ask how on earth someone could be so far left in character. We quickly discover that there is no immediate solution to erasing the twenty or more years memory or experience of your maid. It will take a process. A process of unlearning and re-learning, consistent exposure to the right language, filling their minds with the right thoughts and so on.
During that process, some employers, in annoyance say all sorts of things to their maids when they do wrong. You hear things like “You can’t kill me. I will kill you before you kill me” or “You’re very stupid”, “You don’t know anything”. I am very sure you can recall times when you have heard these words. By doing that consistently, you are adding negativity to her already porous mind.
I always say your worst enemy as an employer is not just your maid, but your maid’s mind. When you say such words, these words play in her mind when she’s alone and she is thinking of ways to kill you before you kill her or prove to you that she’s not stupid. It is that same mind that cooks up the evil things they often act.
So what is the solution? For the period your maid is in your home, be in charge of her thoughts. You can condition the way your maid thinks by introducing her to the right things. Pour positivity into her mind by your words and action. For example, ask her to tell you five good things about herself. Communicate to her in whatever language she understands. Tell her to go and think about it, then you ask her for a response later.This activity helps her to focus on finding the good things she possesses as against shining light on the bad ones. Because she would want to give you an answer, she is forced to go back and think deeply about it. The process of thought change begins.
I found this definition of affirmations on the internet interesting. “Affirmations are positive, specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. They help you visualize, and believe in, what you’re affirming to yourself, helping you to make positive changes to your life and career”. This definition sums up everything I’m trying to say. Please take note of the highlighted words. They are key.
So I came up with the  Maid Affirmations 1.0 as a beginning of the process of maid transformations. Our goal is to attack negative thoughts and create room for positive changes to start to emerge. These first affirmations are based on character, because a good character is fruit of a mind thinking good things. There can be no genuine transformation on the outside until there is a change on the inside. You can hardly tell by seeing someone if this person is thinking good or bad.The next affirmations will be on her work.
These affirmations will benefit those maids who can read and understand English language. However, I hope those with maids who can’t, will find a way around it, till there’s an alternative. Since you already get the idea. Print it out for your maid and paste it in places she can see it everyday. Ask her to memorize it and recite it to you. By doing this, she is unlearning and re-learning. This does not mean after she memorizes it, she would not offend you, she will. But when she does, rather than saying negative words to her, remind her of what she says everyday and let her know she is expected to live up to that.
Click  here  to download the affirmations.
P.S I would love to hear how helpful this has been for your maid. Drop a comment or send me a message on

2 thoughts on “THE “I AM” AFFIRMATIONS”

  1. This is very helpful Ore as iam guilty of saying negative stuff to my maid when I get mad. I’ll surely put this into practice. God bless you

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