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Who should be blamed? 24-05-2017

Maids have become the easy target of blame when things do not work out well in the employer-maid relationship. As soon as we hear that an employer has let go of her maid, we say “All of them are the same” and are ready to put forth a story that favors our point. Many maids have in fact proven to be bad, but if an employer has gone through as many as eight maids in a year, then we should ask some questions.

  • How are you hiring?
  • What qualities are you looking out for
  • Is there something that could be done about whatever led to termination?
  • What lesson did you learn from your experience with the first three?
  • What have you learned to do better?
  • Did the maids have any particular complain?

Employers are not saviors and shouldn’t be hiring with the idea that they can make everyone better. However, maybe not every flaw should be seen as a reason to fire.

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