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Your maid might just be acting her age

Ofcourse, there is no excuse whatsoever for whatever wrong your maid may be doing, but a little knowledge into what may be influencing her actions could help you understand how to deal with it. I am not a behavioral expert, however, from experience I know that certain traits can be associated with certain age groups.
For example if your maid is just above 18-23….You may discover she likes to experiment a lot. She wants to prove she’s now an adult so you get the facial reactions when you’re correcting, you may get the talk backs or malice. Sometimes she wants to keep to herself. Boyfriend matter must pop up. Phone calls pressuring her go come home or for better offers. She may try on your shoes and wigs etc. Because “adult things” seem to attract them a lot.

From 25-35…you start to get the look of “I am experienced, I know what I am doing”. They are more mature. They may inform you that they want a time off impromptu and expect you to understand, because “an adult is making a request, it must be important”. They tend to be more respectful and dedicated to their work because of their maturity and value for money.
For much older maids, I’ve written extensively here on what to expect.
In summary,these things are not cast in stone as things that must be experienced, but just a reminder that our maids are human beings too and not everything they do is totally isolated. They might just be going through a “normal” life phase.

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