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READYMAID: A Nigerian Employers Guide to Hiring a Drama-free maid

I created this ten pages resource for the woman who is determined to make her maid experience an exception to the widely accepted notion that “you can hardly get a great maid in Nigeria”. Many people who have been blessed with great maids are termed “lucky” because nothing was really done on their part to influence the decision of hiring. What this resource does however, is to teach you how to make strategic decisions and take deliberate steps in replicating that luck over and over again.
I am so excited to have you read this.You have officially become part of the growing community of women that will redefine the norm in housekeeping. The first step to enjoying a drama-free experience with your maid is to do all you can to hire a drama-free maid. This resource will help you do just that.
You would need a pen and paper to participate in the activity.
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