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Hello mama,
I am so glad you found your way here. Let’s just say I am officially passionate (or obsessed) with helping you keep your house clean. I used to be so judgmental when I entered people’s homes and didn’t find it reasonably clean (not proud of it), until I understood that not everybody finds cleaning easy. It is expected, not just in the African culture, but around the world that a woman should be a natural home-maker. Unfortunately, home-making isn’t a natural instinct like eating or walking. It is either a gift/passion or something that can be learned.
As you may already know, I love everything housekeeping. From clearing a sink filled with dirty dishes to washing the bathrooms and washroom till they are sparkling clean, you name it. It doesn’t make me a better woman, wife or mother, it just means I was born with the flair for it, just like another person who has a flair for book-keeping (which I’m still trying to learn) or another for grocery shopping; I know someone who has been blessed with the gift of negotiation. She always gets the best prices.
I also do not think it has anything to do with the home I grew up in because I have siblings who do not enjoy cleaning. (God please don’t let them read this. Lol).
This section of the website was born out of my desire to simplify housekeeping chores and make it fun for everyone including you the employer. I understand that some of us are at the pre-maid stage of our lives; newly weds, some stay-at-home mums and some do not yet have the adequate resources needed to hire a maid, ranging from finances to space. For some others, they are in the “pause phase”. A phase where you have decided to take a pause from hiring, probably because you have had a fair share of the bad maid experience. Whatever  the case may be, in these instances, it becomes imperative that you take on the role of a “maid” in your homes.
With every post, I am going to focus on showing you ways you can make housekeeping easy and fun. Even with my love for housekeeping, there are some days I need all the motivation in the world to start. The energy to continue then comes with the joy I get from little accomplishments. ( You should see me when my tiled floor is shinning. That’s like winning a Grammy for me. Haha). For those of you who also have to combine being a home-maker with a full time job and other sides businesses, yet still being a full time wife and mother, you would find this section super helpful.
Housekeeping doesn’t have to be your “thing” for you to enjoy it and be excellent at it. You may just need to discover how to make it fun for YOU. Understand that YOU are the most important part of the housekeeping equation, and the quality of cleaning will only be a reflection of how you feel. If you don’t find it fun, you will do it grudgingly and will most likely lash out at anyone who mistakenly disfigures what you’ve done. ( Not proud to admit that I’ve been here many times)
The fun element in housekeeping is what makes it easy for me to come up with innovations and ideas that will improve the quality of my work. You never see it as work when it is fun. The best part is that when you have mastered it, and the time comes for you to finally employ help, you can understand deeply when your maid is having any difficulty and teach her firsthand from your experience.
I look forward to having you read my first post after this welcome.
N.B I really, really, reaaaaallllllyyyyyy love feedbacks. So your comments are hugely welcome.
Thank you for reading to the end!

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