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In my last post under this category; which is for those who are in the pre-maid stage, we discussed finding something that connects you emotionally to housecleaning. That thing that makes you look forward to doing it everyday. After you have found that thing, it is also important that you understand a few dynamics of cleaning. Like every profession, in housekeeping, there is a “how” to have it easy-peasy method. It doesn’t eliminate the physical activity, but it makes it much more easier to execute.
Let’s get right into some of the “Hows”.

  1. Don’t Mix Major Housecleaning With Other Important Activities
    In this part of the world, there is a general notion that cleaning is for Saturdays. We forget that Saturday is also day for many other activities; weddings, birthday parties, hosting of guest, market errands, salon appointments, movie dates and so on. Why do we postpone our cleaning which can be shared throughout the course of the week to a day that is already crammed up with activities? We end up worn out and tired by noon and usually cannot get to other important tasks. By the time we come back from  our places of worship the next day, all we want to do is sleep. This is one major reason why chores pile up until it gets to a point it starts to give you a panic attack.  This takes me to the next point.
  2. Schedule
    Create a weekly/monthly routine for your cleaning that evenly distributes your cleaning all through the seven days of week, such that no day is overly packed. (If you need help with this, click here to send me a direct message, and it will be sorted out at a small cost). Even if you are a working woman, you can schedule chores after work that wouldn’t drain you.
  3. Timing; Wake up early
    Not just waking up early but starting early while you are still full of energy. Start with an easy task like clearing a pile of clothes from a chair. If you are someone who is pumped by accomplishments, you find out that after accomplishing that, you are already set in the mood to move on to the next chore. Another advantage of waking up earlier than everybody else is that there are no distractions. Nobody is demanding your attention for something else. At a point, I used to be up by 4.00 am-5.00 am to clean the living room and kitchen. This could also work for you if you are working. Schedule some small tasks for the morning before you leave for work.
  4. Rest Well Before You Start
    For days you may go to work and have to still do a few chores when you get back, rest well before you venture  to doing any task, so you don’t do it haphazardly because you are just trying to fulfill all righteousness. Rest well so you can be present mind and body when working.
  5. If You Have Kids, Fix a Play-date
    Except you want to keep shouting while working. I have realized that children will always be children. They can’t be adults when we want them to. They have to grow to be able to reason deep enough to know that they shouldn’t scatter a place after mummy has just cleaned. I feel that sometimes, they are uncomfortable in very clean environments :-D. Their minds tell them that there has to be at least a little chaos going on. If you are a mom, I know you sometimes wish for your single days :-P, but since you can’t be single again, at least you can pretend for maybe 3 hours that you are. Find that one friend or friendly neighbor that would want to have your kids over and enjoy yourself.
  6. Ask or Pay For Help
    So instead of fetching water for yourself, pay someone to do it for you. Ask your neighbor’s maid who is going to the market to buy things for you also and give her a tip when she gets back. Pay your security man to wash your car if it is not part of his job description already or your neighbor’s security man. You have to realize you can’t do everything alone. Not having a maid shouldn’t hinder you from exploiting other readily available options.
  7. Fix on the Go
    As soon as something spills, clean it. You can make a rule that everyone washes their plates after each meal rather than pile them up in the sink. All dirty clothes should go into the laundry box not the chair. Your jewellery, make-up and other accessories should go to their places after use. Find the source of smells quickly and handle it. Avoid pile-up at all costs.
  8. Invest In Technology
    Lastly, if you have the means, please invest in technology. It is a one time cost that would benefit you. Go for a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom, washing machine rather than using your hands, dishwasher etc. It saves you a lot of time and you can focus on other important things. I call it an investment because anything that saves you time definitely is an investment.

I hope you found these few points helpful. Are there any tips that have worked for you? Share with us in the comments so we could learn. Can’t wait to hear from you.
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