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Your Maid’s Confidence

One of the things your maid will be taught during training is CONFIDENCE. The trait that enables her believe firmly in herself and in her ability to master and execute her job excellently well.
Confidence does not equate disrespect. A trained maid should be confident enough to learn, admit when wrong, teach where necessary, offer suggestions and improve on previous accomplishments.
When many maids exhibit confidence, their employers suddenly become pressured, defensive and intimidated, because they are used to people who bow their head while talking and are not bold enough to offer feedbacks after discussions.
Take it from an expert when I tell you a confident maid is an asset not a problem. These are some of advantages Confidence in your maid provides:

  • forward mindedness,
  • proud of their work,
  • always ready to improve,
  • can take on more tasks when the need arises,
  • are bold enough to say NO to the wrong voices.
  • Can trust their instincts and act in your absence.
  • Solution minded

A timid maid is a danger to the goal you hoped to attain by hiring a maid which I believe is a well coordinated home environment.
You could take some time out to answer these questions.

  1. How would you rate your maid’s confidence?
  2. Do you think you might be doing anything that may have contributed to her lack or boost of confidence?
  3. How can you do better?
  4. Make a list of what an improvement in your maid’s confidence would mean for you.


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