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From Laid-Back to Doer

This is for you if…

  1. You have tried everything you know how to do but nothing has worked in helping to make your domestic staff more effective.
  2. Your domestic staff understands what you say but is not able to put it into action.
  3. You think your domestic staff is yet to grasp how important her work is.
  4. You provide everything and more for your domestic staff, but it still hasn’t translated into decent work.
  5. You are weary from giving gifts hoping to encourage her to work.
  6. Your domestic staff leaves work done halfway.
  7. You have prepared a schedule yet your domestic staff can not stick to it.
  8. You want your domestic staff to be able to do more especially without prompting from you.

Click HERE to pay. After which you will receive your link to the videos and your viewing password.

See what some past clients who took the course said…

“The resources are awesome. After listening to them, ideas started flowing. I felt in charge. I have drafted rewards ad punishments which I will be sharing with my domestic staff. Let’s just say it’s the beginning of a new dawn, and I am so elated about the transformation that is about to begin”. Mrs. R

“I have learnt so much. Apparently, I really needed it because I make all the classic mistakes.” Mrs. A

“Even if my current maid won’t yield as damage has already been done, the feeling I am getting as a more organized employer is enough. I feel like an employer who isn’t just gambling but actually knows what to do”.

I hope you take advantage of it and I look forward to having answering all your questions in case of any. If you have any questions concerning this , please send me a direct message HERE.

Again, HERE is the payment link.

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