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26 guided affirmations for a wholesome domestic staff.

When it comes to domestic staffing, focus is largely on the work aspect; the quality of work churned out and the attitude of the person towards the work. We really never discuss or pay attention to what goes on on the inside. What we don’t consider is that what goes on on their inside is what is responsible for what is done on the outside.
If your domestic staff has a healthy mind and thought process, she will most definitely do well thought out actions. This is the reason for this resource. I wanted to create a simple resource that isn’t just focused on the work itself but on the person behind the work. I thought to myself, if I can get your domestic staff to say these words everyday for 30 days, then I can affect her output.
These affirmations are guided. What these means is that the focus of the words are on positivity and the desired outcome, not on the bad behaviour we are avoiding. E.g. You wouldn’t see something like “I am not a thief.” While this is a good thing to say, our focus would rather be on being content and overcoming greed that leads to stealing. So I would rather your domestic staff says ” I am content with what I am given and prudent in my spending. If I need more, I would ask.”
Certain words are highlighted for each affirmation. The intent was for those words to stand out for your domestic staff, so that he/she can ponder on them and check out the meaning if new to the word.
Let’s make this a 30 day challenge. I do not want to give a particular date to start as you may not be seeing this immediately, but whenever you start, ensure your domestic staff is saying these words (Numbers 1 to 26) consistently for 30days and let me know the results after. You can also take pictures or videos and tag me on social media using the hashtag #30daysguidedaffirmationforDS and @maidformee. I’ll be sure to acknowledge and repost.
Tips for using the affirmations:
1. Draw up a 30 day tick box, so that your DS can tick whenever he/she’s completed each day.
2. Pick a word for each day and ask for the meaning of it. If they don’t know, as them to look it up and give you feedback.
3. Ask for their favorite affirmation out of the 26 and what made them pick their choice.
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