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The Secret is Out

Today, i’d like to say to you that change is happening already. Maybe there hasn’t been any physical change but you have seen your mindset change. You do not feel guilty anymore. You now feel empowered to manage your time and strength. Can I tell you something, “That my friend, is still progress”.

Today, I would like to share with you a very simple wisdom concept I discovered in housekeeping that has been a total game changer and life-saver. 
It is the concept of effective apportioning of chores. This concept proposes that for you to execute chores seamlessly and have maximum results while at it, they have to be scheduled to a period when there is least distraction. 
Have you ever spent time thoroughly cleaning a place and when you revisit in a few minutes, you are surprised by all the foot marks, hand prints and dirt already there? Tell me this has happened to you. It is so frustrating.
To drive it home, have you ever tried mopping the floors on a day when the kids are actively awake? or cleaning the children’s room when your growing toddler is wide awake and toppling over everything you have carefully put in place?

In my last article, I mentioned briefly that I know someone who schedules her cleaning to two time frames in a day. She cleans when her little older kids are off to school and her baby is taking her morning nap. And the next major cleaning when they are off to bed at 7:30pm. She does other very minor surface cleaning in the course of the day, but for those little chores, the distractions do not interfere in the executing; like doing the dishes, loading the laundry etc. 

What this means is that she gets her major chores done in a shorter time and is more effective, than doing it when there could be human interference. Because of this, you will always find her house clean and if not, a little 5 to 10 minutes of tiding up will restore it back to its clean state.

Another practical example is this: I have spent about two hours trying to write this blog, when I could have done it in 30 minutes or less if my kids didn’t need my attention.

So I would want you to quit putting yourself under pressure to always clean and ditch the normal traditional methods of home making which is to clean in the mornings only, and FIND YOUR OWN CLEANING CYCLE. Look out for the timings when you have least distraction and you can get more difficult chores done and apportion the easier ones to a timing when distractions don’t matter much.

If you practice this, you will be surprised at how much you are able to get done.

Lastly, I recently created a simple resource of 6 homemaking hacks I stumbled on while enjoying taking care of my household. I am giving it to you for FREE. (Yaaay). Now, not everything may work for you, but 1 or 3 certainly will, so click HERE to get yours. 

Hope you gained something? Let me know in the comments.

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