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The Recipe Model

The world was recently brought to a shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With everyone locked at home, more families especially women started to experiment with baking. Food bloggers were all over the internet space giving out simple easy-to-get recipes for making some of our favorite things like banana bread and doughnuts. Some even held live classes to demonstrate and practice along if you had all your ingredients in place.

Now, for a first time baker, there’s the nervousness that comes with the pressure to achieve the same result as the teacher’s own. For example, you want fluffy doughnuts just like it appeared in the video you watched but you are also nervous about putting in so much effort and not getting your desired outcome. However you know that even though the end results looks like a far reach, if you follow the laid out recipe, you would most likely get the same results.

The recipe is there as an instruction that guides you to your end dish.

So you start little by little, one cup here, a table spoon here, leave dough to rest, keep at certain temperature and so on. Each of those steps taken and processes correctly followed further lead you to the result you desire. Each step on it’s own may not look like the doughnut you are aiming for, but when you put together every step, it forms beautifully into your doughnut.

The professional has told you that total preparation time is 1 hour, so you know that it one hour, you’ll be eating your fluffy doughnuts.

It is this same principle that applies when putting structure in your home. While you see another home running beautifully and efficiently, you may get overwhelmed by the amount of work and sometimes money it would take you to achieve that. But here is the thing, your home is made up of smaller systems and processes which I have broken up into six parts; Spouse/Children, Kitchen, Maintenance and Contingencies, Household income, budgeting and financial planning, Chores and Domestic staffing.

If you can start to implement structure in one system at a time instead of tackling everything at once, which may overwhelm you, your home can start to function and run efficiently and seamlessly without stressing you.

You pick chores system for example and start to list out all the chores that need to be done to keep the house looking clean, then you start to figure out which needs to be done daily, weekly, every fortnight, monthly e.t.c. After that you can start to figure out which day of the week you want them done and who will do them. By the time you are done listing, put it in a table and you have a comprehensive chore schedule in your hands. If it’s too much work for you, you can hand over to us to deliver to you in 24 hours.

When you get it right in one system, you will be encouraged to take on other systems also to make it work.
In conclusion, rather than being focused on achieving the big goal which may get your heart racing, start to orchestrate big wins in small areas by tackling the smaller systems. By the end of the month or quarter, you’ll have the home you dream of.

Remember, the goal is not to be superwoman, but a Structured Woman.

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