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The 24 Hour Myth (Free Resource)

“Don’t we all have the same 24 hours?”
A question you often find yourself asking when you are comparing yourself with someone who is or seems to be achieving more than you with their time. The rationale behind this question is that everyone has 24 hours in a day, so if you are producing little daily compared to someone else, you are most likely not making the most of your 24 hours.

One of our greatest struggles as human beings and home managers is the issue of time management. There seems to be too much to do yet little time to accomplish them. You have all the ideas of how you could spend more time with your family, give more hours to building your dreams, but you just can’t seem to get a hang of time management and use it to your advantage. You wonder how the people who you admire are doing it. Your 24 hours seems like 12 hours.

But do we all have 24 hours in a day? Let’s break it down quickly.

While it is true that a day has 24 hours in it, every person as an individual has varying number of hours available to them to spare based on the phase/season of life they are in.

For example, a student in school most likely has more hours to spare after fulfilling life’s mandatory demands such as bathing, commuting and eating than someone who has a thriving career and raising a family at the same time. Likewise, someone who has the same size of family as yours and also in the same career line but has support household staff at home is able to buy more time than you who manages your household for yourself without help.

So even though there are 24 hours in day, the spare number of hours available to each person differs. To manage your time wisely and be on top of it, you have to calculate the amount of time you currently spend on your current life’s activities; the negotiable and non-negotiable, evaluate which activities you need to cut time on or add to so as to create the balance you need and gives you room to invest in the things you want to do.

This time management exercise which is an original by MAIDforME will help you understand how you currently spend your 24 hours, and in six steps, it will guide you into structuring your day to fully accommodate only beneficial and productive activity; which includes rest and sleep.

One of the greatest tools for effective household management is TIME. So this is why this tool is important.

Because seasons and phases of your life will change, expect to re-visit this exercise again and again. Be assured that for every subsequent time you have to visit it, it wouldn’t be as intense as the first.

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