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You want Structure in your Home? Here’s what it really takes.

One of the major challenges I have encountered with people, while preaching the message of finding and creating a workable structure in your home is that many think it is such a premium and bougie thing to do. I meet women who think that creating a structure is not for someone living in a modest space or someone with a modest income. There seems to be a misconception that embracing and implementing structure will involve a certain standard of living and will cost so much.

But non of these misconceptions are true. In fact, at the very essence of structure is finding a model that is suitable and works for you at the phase and level that you are. While you may think that implementing structure in your home should involve a lot of money, a large house or an array of professionally trained household staff, what it really takes is an understanding of your unique family dynamic, a lot of planning, determination and consistency.

This means that structure is first of all an internal work before external implementation. You have to first consider the current phase your family is in; the age of your kids, career or business status, family finance, value system as a family, how you want your home run and the kind of family you desire.

Secondly, start to consider where your family is right now and current effectiveness of the systems in your home, and where you desire it to be. Then draw up a detailed and systemic plan on how to get there. This is the real structure. For example, you want your family to eat healthier than they currently do to reduce illnesses and hospital visits, so you decide to draw up a healthy meal plan for the family. You want you kids to improve their reading and language skills, so you draw up a reading table and invest in the right books. Or you want your home to run without your constant micromanagement, so you hire your ideal household staff and get him/her equipped with resources needed to do an excellent job while you are away. This step in key and where all the work of structuring happens.

Thirdly, after all the planning, be determined to stick to the plan and show up everyday ready to implement. Be assured that every day you will be tempted to drop the ball, because when you implement structure, the existing status quo in your home will fight it. Your kids will want to spend longer time watching T.V than reading, someone will want fast-food instead of a home-cooked meal. But as you stay consistent, your established structure gradually becomes the status quo.

Did you notice that not once in all the three steps was money a factor to be considered for structure? Money only becomes necessary when you choose the option of outsourcing the planning aspect to someone who is a professional like MAIDforME.

So now that I have shown you what it takes to put your desired structure in place, you have no excuses anymore. Well, except you just don’t have the time. This is why MAIDforME exists, to do all the work of steps 1 & 2 and encourage you to be committed to implementation. If you are ready to take the jump, click here to send a direct message or send an email or and I’ll be happy to work with you to put your desired structure in your home.

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