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Paying or Grooming?

I am gradually settling for the thought that there are only two pathways to get your ideal domestic staff:

It’s either you are paying for them or grooming them.

Most employers fall into one of these two pathways.

If you are on the paying pathway, it means you are on the lookout for someone who already has all the qualities and qualifications you desire. Most likely relevant education, the right behavior, training, exposure and so on. Domestic staff who are on this pathway would usually earn higher than the average domestic staff hourly or monthly wage.

Employers on the grooming pathway are on the look-out for the candidate with most potential of developing into their ideal staff. In this instance, the work of training, educating and shaping behaviour lies in your hands. Examples are, training to be teachable, to pay attention to details and to use their initiative. If you do not have the capacity to train for yourself, you hire someone who can or enroll them for training with professionals.

Domestic staff within the grooming pathway come affordable to employers. In the long run however, employers will have to spend money grooming them. The bright side however is that you are spending the money at your own pace and have it within your rights to determine what area of grooming is necessary per phase.

So, when you are fantasizing about hiring your ideal domestic staff, know that you are either hoping for the finances to afford a ready-made one or the discernment to identify a groom-able one and have the commitment to develop them into who is ideal for you.

If you are an employer who has chosen the grooming pathway, understand that you have to develop your interviewing, so you can identify their potential, and also management skills, so you can groom the potential.

P.S I think it is worth mentioning that everyone cannot be groomed. You are not a saviour. Thinking you can save everybody is a false assessment of your abilities as a human being and domestic staff employer. You can’t. This is why I mentioned that you have to see that the person already shows high potential to be groomed into an ideal domestic staff.

So tell me, are you going to be paying or are you geared up for grooming? I don’t think there’s middle ground. Some may say “there’s luck.” I agree, but it is not sustainable. Luck may get you a good candidate, but your skill will help in hiring and management.

If you are reading this and you are on the grooming path, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Our resources and training courses are exactly what you need to make your grooming process easier to journey through.

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