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Managing and Maximizing Two or more Domestic Staff Effectively

More and more families are beginning to see that with the amount of work to be done in their homes around housekeeping, cooking and childcare, one domestic staff may not be realistic anymore. Hiring one domestic staff for full home management means overwhelm, high turnover of staff as most people wouldn’t last in the role and and an emotional roller-coaster for the family involved.

So, if you have come to the decision that two domestic staff it is for your home, especially if it is a live-in arrangement, it is important to know that things could present themselves a little differently compared to when you had one staff. Two people with different personalities coming to live and work together without proper structure could turn into a disaster. As an employer, you’d have more problem in your hands than you hired them to solve.

Structure ensures that each staff is able to work efficiently and effectively without clashing with one another. Below are seven helpful structures you can put in place as a single employer of two or more domestic staff.

  1. Clearly spell out Job roles and description. If you hired one to focus on childcare and the other housekeeping, then let it be clear. Writ out each of their roles and expectations on their job delivery. Clearly distinguish between what they each have to live up to on the job.
  2. Establish Hierarchy. If one staff is senior to the other, ensure that it is clear to everyone. State who will be reporting to who and the scope of supervisory role one staff over another.
  3. Confirm Employee-ship. Even though there may be distinguished roles and hierarchy, it has to be clear that they are both employees and at the end of the day, the bulk ends on your table. Reports of incidences should be made to you. No one is the employer of the other. This helps them know that the ultimate decision of your home management, rules and hiring and firing rests with you.
  4. Make them accountable for one another. When one errs and the other who is aware, fails to bring it to light quickly, all of them bear the consequences.
  5. Alternate rest time. When one is observing her break time, let the other be be available to work and vice-versa. At no time should both of them be unavailable at the same time except at night when everyone is sleeping.
  6. Settle their disagreements quickly. Their cooperation on this job is critical to the excellent running of your home. Be fair in your dealings with them. Show no favouritism and take no sides when settling issues between them.
  7. Set Clear Rules. Rules like – no code languages, no phone calls or gisting during work hours etc.

Having two domestic staff is supposed to give you some relief. These seven structures will ensure that you are getting and enjoying all the relief you can.

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