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The Power Mirage of Micromanagement

I stumbled on an online conversation some women were having a few years ago, each of them stating reasons why they were not comfortable assigning the role title “Household Manager” to any domestic staff. I didn’t understand why a simple title could be a problem. Thankfully, I also exercised restraint and didn’t need to publicly disagree with them. I enjoyed reading each person’s reason from the sidelines.

But with time, I have come to understand why those women had that stance. For us women, our home management is one place we can absolutely be in charge. Even the argument of who’s head of the family never pops up when it comes to managing the home. Every one defers to the woman. So, bestowing another person with the title “manager” sounds like a strip of position and power.

You want everything to still get a pass or permission from you before it gets done. You feel empowered from being the chief decision maker. You want to know about every single thing that is happening and so, you are micromanaging every process and every one.

The excuse those who do this give, is that it gives them peace to know that nothing happens behind their backs.

What you don’t know is that the power you get from micromanagement is actually a mirage. In reality, a woman who micromanages is enslaved by her home management. It is her home management that dictates how she spends her time. If she doesn’t answer when it calls, she suffers the consequences of a standstill at home or the guilt of an unattended home.

Did I just describe you? Let me help you. You can be free.

Putting systems in place that enables your home run efficiently without your constant input is the liberation you need. It’s still you running the home, only that this time, you have documented instructions, processes and templates that stand in your place as a guide to the person/people who has/have to use them. It’s that simple. The only tasks before you now will be finding someone fit and ideal to put in charge of your systems and managing them to ensure they are delivering on the value you pay them for.

MAIDforME is committed to ensuring more women see the value of handing-over, of delegation not just at work but at home, and of becoming the ultimate structure queen.

Are you ready to begin this journey? START HERE.

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