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Household Staff Onboarding and Assessments

Onboarding and Assessments are two keys players contributing to the assimilation, management and improvement of your domestic staff.

If you have ever had to appraise anyone, maybe at work, you know how hard these two events can get.

A good performance review helps you conduct a focused assessment of  your staff without getting too personal, as is often the case within the home environment.

So, wondering how to go about conducting a performance review for your staff without it looking too serious or like an attack?

Here are Seven tips that should help.

  1. Write down everything you want to say. It helps to keep the appraisal straight to the point and without detours.
  2. Thank them for all they have done for your family up till that point. Don’t make it a generic “thank you.” Enumerate specific areas and events you are grateful for. It pays to think about these things and write them down before the meeting starts.
  3. Say the truth in simple, easy-to-understand language. Eliminate half-truths, no exaggerations and no downplaying of important stuff.
  4. While speaking the truth, avoid being blunt especially if this is a relationship that will continue. Rather than saying “You smell really bad,” say “I think a major focus for improvement this year is body hygiene.”
  5. Bestow honor even in correction. You don’t have to use demeaning words.
  6. Listen carefully and attentively. It is not meant to be a one-sided conversation. Appraisal isn’t just for your domestic staff. It’s for you too. You may also start to see that you may have been assessing certain things wrongly.
  7. Don’t end it without offering hope. Many times, faults are pointed out during appraisals. This can be very discouraging for someone who thinks they are giving the job their all. So, as you point out areas they have missed it, let them know there is room for improvement. Set SMART goals that lead to the desired behaviors.

These types of discussions can be hard. But with the MAIDforME Performance Review Template, your domestic staff gets to see exactly what parameters you have assessed them by and they come to understand that this isn’t an attack on their person but an exercise with an end-goal to improve them and their skill.

Try this out and let us know your results.

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