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Your maid is first in your house to work. This does not give excuse for an employer to maltreat their maid, neither does it suggest that he/she is not entitled to second chances if they miss it. No. This mindset provides a common ground for both employer and employee to interact with each other, based on a deep understanding of each person’s role in the relationship. One advantage professionalism brings is that both parties are confident in the structure, and will be willing to do their best to make sure there is no error on their part.


Assumptions are made, and most assumptions are WRONG. – Albert Einstein.
As much as we listen to and trust our instincts, it is important to be deliberate about the questions we ask. We should also be able to listen to, not just the answers that come from their mouth but the expressions that follow those words. Does it depict falsehood? Is this person confident? Is this person absent minded? Did this person struggle to answer this question? Which one did she show reluctance to answer?


Na condition make crayfish bend. – Nigerian (pidgin english) Proverb.
Mrs. Rotimi is a working woman, who’s married with 2 kids. Her maid left suddenly on Friday. She had returned from work hoping to be served her dinner, take a shower and go to bed. But that evening was different. Immediately she opened the door, the welcome she got was the voice of her kids who were starved. They were groaning. Read More »Ms. CIRCUMSTANTIAL


In every job that must be done,
There is an element of fun.
                                         Mary Poppins
You remember that great maid we talked about in our previous post? click here She’s probably a NATURAL. A natural is every woman’s desire. We all want someone who can do the work with little or no supervision.Read More »THE NATURAL